Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You HAVE to see what they've done!!

This year is a milestone birthday..... and on Saturday night my family and friends threw a party for me! I walked in to find these lining the hall....
I was speechless and crying before I even walked in the door! My husband and sister had organized for some of my family and friends to make plates for me at a paint-your-own-pottery place. Isn't this the most creative, precious gift? Let me show you how they turned out!
My favorite is the one from Erik and the kids. My daughter wrote our family verse around the outside and each of my kids signed their name next to their handprint. I can't think of a better gift....this one REALLY made me cry!
Each one took so much thought, time, effort, and planning -- a real act of love! I see each person's personality come out in the plates. I will TREASURE these because of the people who made them! It is a perfect gift for me.... a mix of the heart, homemade, and practical!!
That is my dad's hand on the blue plate. He wrote "Daddy's little girl." I feel like I always will be no matter how old I get! One of my friends did a WORD FIND in her plate! Can you imagine how much time that took?? I love each for different reasons~

The pink one with the cross is from my dear Grandma who is 89. I cannot tell you how much I love having a plate from her....
40.... bring it!!!

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