Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Hidden Cupcake

We are big on birthdays around here, and The Hidden Cupcake is one of our favorite traditions! Here is how it works...In the morning, we put the cupcake next to the birthday person's plate. Sometime during the day, the cupcake disappears and is hidden somewhere in the house. At present time, the birthday guy or gal gets to hunt around for the cupcake, which is now housing inside of it a fun gift.
There are countless ideas of what can be put inside. You could even hide it with a big present waiting in the garage!
Celebrating in creative ways is a great way to show others how much we love them. Whether you buy a cupcake, make one at a paint your own pottery place, or use some other wacky container you have around the house, it's a fun idea that adults as well as kids love!